Hi, Gores and Ghouls!

March 7, 2002

I want to say how touched I am by all the well-wishes the 3 of us (me, Mike & Geof) have gotten from so many of you out there! We read the comments you leave on the “Doom Visitors” page and I can’t believe how many of you really liked that old stuff from the ’70s…especially considering how you’ve only heard the really crappy-sounding recordings (the only ones that got out on the tape-traders/bootleggers market).

I want to assure you that we are working hard on getting the remastered versions of the old stuff finished up. I’ve listened to most of it and it destroys the “old” versions, because the remastering has really brought out the power of that old doom sound! But beyond that, it’s getting close to the time we are getting together to rehearse & record the NEW Bedemon stuff! In only a matter of weeks we’ll have all-new material to share with our doom-pals all over the world! I hope we’ll be able to post some mp3 samples on our website, even if they are short. (The reason we don’t put up the whole song is that we don’t want the unscrupulous bootleggers to get hold of this material and release it, because we want it polished and perfected so the fans can get the best possible sounding recordings.) I know you’ve been more than patient with us, it’s taken us a long time to get it all together, but at last it’s closing in on DoomsDay! Also, I’m excited to tell you that the new Bedemon songs will be played with my new Tony Iommi signature SG! I’ve always wanted one and now that I have one I’ll have an even better doom-tone! (Doom-Tony?)

Okay, that’s all for now. Watch for an official announcement shortly about availability of the remastered originals — Child of Darkness, Serpent Venom, One-Way Road, Last Call, Frozen Fear, Touch the Sky, Time Bomb, Skinned, et al.!!


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