Our Doom’s Day of Remembrance

August 8, 2019

Such a pretty boy: Randy in the mid-70s.
(photo © Geof O’Keefe)

Hard to believe today marks seventeen years since the passing of Randy Palmer. To this day I still get messages about BEDEMON and have met some interesting people. The most common questions are, “When will there be a new album?” and “Are you going to play any more shows?”. As to the first question, the answer is always the same: we really want to, we have material and the members but the difficulties are that no one lives near one another, everyone has family and work responsibilities (and other musical commitments in some cases) and there’s the issue of cost for studio time. I am determined it will happen; I’m determined not to say when because I really don’t know.

The gig thing is pretty much the same situation, with the added issue of promoters not wanting to book a band that has no new album to promote. I know there are fans that would definitely come out to see us at least in club-size settings or at a metal fest like the Psycho California gig we played in 2015. From my perspective, a new album has to come first.

Randy is missed every day; he would be blown away that fans play and love his music in 2019 and write me questions such as if there are any more red vinyl LPs left (there aren’t). BUT … check back here within the next day or two for an announcement of — and a link to — a very special non-musical item Randy’s fiancée Taryn will be auctioning on ebay.

Randy here in California in May 2002, sitting in my living room as we learned the songs that would eventually become Symphony of Shadows.
(photo © Geof O’Keefe)

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shpindel January 29, 2020 at 8:41 am

Что делать?! Жена отказывает мне в интимной близосте. Как быть? Можно Как то спасти отношения?


Solomon Stello September 30, 2021 at 11:13 pm

I am so blown away by your music! 🎶
I would love to see you guys do another album.
I’m an aspiring musician.


Lanceelurf February 5, 2024 at 1:01 am


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