Waiting on the Widow

November 4, 2005

Black Widow RecordsYes, Summer ’05 came and went and still no BEDEMON CD. Italy’s Black Widow had all the material by October 2004; it was eight months-May 2005-before they sent the graphic/text layout proofs back to us to be checked for errors and any changes to be made. These were ironed out in mid-July, and since then, it’s been basically waiting for them to press the CDs, LPs, and artwork. Supposedly they will have at least the LPs next week, and the CDs are at the pressing plant. So, that really is the latest on that. It’s been out of our claws for over a year now.

Next on the list: finishing up the 2002 reunion sessions. This is really exciting as no one’s heard any of this material and it will be worth the wait.

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