Remembering Randy

August 8, 2003

Randy Palmer of Pentagram

Randy Palmer

It is hard to fathom that it was one year ago on this day that Randy lost his valiant battle with the severe injuries suffered in the July 31, 2002 auto accident.

While the familiar saying states that, “Time heals all wounds,” some wounds in fact never heal completely and his loss is one such emotional injury. To differing degrees among us, not a day goes by that there isn’t a smile or a tear or a feeling of emptiness when a memory of Randy pops into our heads-hearing a song he’d like, seeing a movie he was a fan of, visiting a┬árestaurant he liked to dine at-his presence is everywhere. Quit haunting us, Palm! That absolutely is a joke he would’ve made right at that point, possibly adding a reference to a specific ghost scene in a horror film he loved.

While there have been many tears shed, there has also been laughter in the past year, because Randy loved to laugh and had a very dark-yet-silly sense of humor. It’s unfortunate fans only familiar with the disturbing imagery of his music didn’t know this side of him.

This wave of mixed emotions is coupled with the intense frustration that goes with knowing he won’t get to see the BEDEMON projects released and that his death at age 49 was such a premature waste of someone so artistically talented who was finally getting his life in order.

And so, on this darkest of anniversaries, we rise up and unveil the “New, Improved!” website-courtesy of new vocalist and webmaster, Craig Junghandel-and are excited by the news that Italian metal label Black Widow will be releasing Child of Darkness: From the Original Master Tapes. We are also re-energized to the commitment to finish the incredible new material we recorded in the spring of 2002, just three short months before his death.

We re-dedicate this site to our brother and friend gone too soon, Randy Palmer.

Geof O’Keefe
Mike Matthews
Taryn Dodd

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