CoD #18 of 23

August 20, 2014

Up now on eBay, we are offering a super rare collectable, the Child of Darkness LP in RED VINYL. There were only 200 pressed by Italy’s Black Widow label back in 2005; we had twenty-three copies, each one individually numbered and autographed by Mike Matthews and Geof O’Keefe, both of whom also wrote different little notes near their autographs like “Doom On!” and “This is for Randy.” Every copy is unique!

The copy listed today is #18 of 23, given today’s date. The remaining individually-numbered copies will be randomly auctioned in coming weeks and months.

We will post a link to each new listing as it gets posted, so check back. We know it’s been a looooooong time since the site has been updated, but there actually is some BEDEMON news coming soon, so stay tuned in, get turned on but don’t drop out!

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