Got my copy at last

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Got my copy at last

Postby Mold » Fri Jan 06, 2006 3:32 pm

My CD copy of Bedemon arrived a couple days ago. I'm lucky because i live in Italy, so it's easy for me to get Black Widow releases.

Well, i can't stop listening to it! It's amazing how good these songs are! Pure DOOM!
And the sound quality isn't that bad, everything is clearly udible after all and i think the creepy sound adds a fascinating feeling to the album. It's like discovering a dusty witchcraft book, lost and forgotten in a basement for too much time!

And the package... impressive to say the least. The Wes Benscoter artwork is incredible, a great rendition of Randy's concept and luckily the original sketch for the cover has been preserved too and included on the back cover!!!

What else can i say? Words are not enough to express my appreciation for the preservation of this precious music.

Thanks to Geof, Mike, the Black Widow guys and all the other people involved with the release of this piece of history.
Randy is proud of you, that's for sure!


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Postby Geof » Sat Jan 07, 2006 5:51 am

Wow, thank-you for the kind words. We're very pleased with Black Widow's presentation, and Wes' cover art is an absolute masterpiece. It was Black Widow's graphics person who had the idea of putting Randy's sketch on the back cover along with that little excerpt note taken from my longer cover essay inside the booklet, and it was a brilliant concept to have the amazing cover on the front and then turn it over and see the stick-figure sketch and notes of Randy's that he worked from on the reverse. Very cool.

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