April 23, 2002

Public baffled as to best course of action: “Do we flee our homes in terrorĀ or wait patiently for a CD?”

The day has arrived. Wednesday April 24th, Randy Palmer and Mike Matthews will journey westward to the twenty-acre hilltop retreat of Geof O’Keefe in California. Their mission: to create molten lava for the soulless, to exhume the corpse of 70s-flavored doom metal and bring life to the lifeless. And of course, play some music.

Yes, almost a full year after this website’s debut, BEDEMON reunites to record their first real album. All three members have written material over the past year for this project and possible songs include “D.E.D. (Dying Every Day),” “Creeping Unknown,” “Hopeless” and “The Plague.” There are at least nine numbers in the works, three of them in the ten-minute range. This stuff is SO much heavier than the old BEDEMON material and it will be properly recorded on multitrack.

Actual quotes from individuals who’ve heard some of the demos:

“More doomy than Pentagram…”

“In a word: gloomy…”

“That’s really disturbing…”

“After hearing this song, if I didn’t know you, I’d never let you in my house again…”

These things of course take time, and it’s expected this album will require two or three separate sessions throughout 2002, but this initial week will see how things gel after almost twenty-five years since these three played together (Randy and Geof recorded some demos in the mid 80s after Mike had moved from the D.C. area).

In other news, the remastering of the original 70s BEDEMON material is essentially complete, with only some final remixing left to do after this week of new sessions. The band will send out a sampler to various labels to spark interest.

Check back over the next few weeks for exclusive pics and details about how the sessions turned out.

‘Til Next Doom…

Randy – Mike – Geof

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