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“The riffs are huge, the solos are epic…if DOOM is in your blood this album is for you.”

Indie Horror News

“Bedemon’s “Symphony of Shadows” rivals the brilliance of the likes of Trouble, Pentagram, Witchfinder General and the mighty Black Sabbath themselves… a very likely candidate for doom metal album of the year.”

Metal Music Archives

“Spectacular, elaborate, well-structured and, despite the length, really entertaining…a true masterpiece. Symphony of Shadows is the representation of Heavy Metal.”

Queens of Steel
(review in Spanish)

“This is terrific…every song a black, shining gem…the voice of Craig Junghandel really takes off; he has a really expressive tone, a fine range and it fits into this biting doom beautifully…if you like the grind and drag of seventies rooted riffs with a real modern crunch and bite, if you like classic rock vocals sung by a madman, if you just goddamn like metal then give this one a serious listen. Buy, buy, bloody buy.”

Ave Noctum

“While all the material is of high quality, there are a few monumental doom masterstrokes here that staggered me…as soon as “Saviour” hits your speakers, you’ll be greeted with top shelf doom loaded with sweetly heavy, groovy riffs, Ozzy-meets-Wino vocals and a BIG, memorable chorus…this track alone is worth checking the album out and it’s one of the best doom songs of this year (by far)… another big winner is the Finland-approved gloom rock of “The Plague,” which sports a wonderfully morose lead riff and a vibe that makes the song very immediate as it revels in downbeat glory…scene veterans O’Keefe and Matthews know what needs to be done and boy, do they ever deliver a doom beat down…the riffs are classic and the solos are perfect for the songs, down to the last note…Junghandel does himself proud with a classic doom delivery…I can’t stress this enough: if you like classic doom, you MUST hear this thing…Randy Palmer’s legacy and these songs need to live on because they’re that freaking good!”

Angry Metal Guy

“When listening to this, you can’t help but think of early Pentagram…this seems far doomier. As a way of honoring Randy Palmer’s legacy, ‘Symphony of Shadows’ is near-perfect…there is certainly not a weak track on the album.”


“Symphony of Shadows” is a heavy release by what can only be described as masters of the original US doom sound. This is a must for any metal head out there…it’s great music well-executed and produced and you cant argue with good music, especially if it’s good doom metal.”

This is Not a Scene

“Everything in this work exudes the magic and the occult typical releases darkest 70s, especially in the great drum sound, so organic that gives the impression of having been recorded live…an hour of classic doom metal…a delight to the palate.”

(review in Spanish)

‘Symphony of Shadows’ stands on its own as one of the strongest releases of the year primarily due to its seamless mix of old school doom, hard rock, and punk. Album opener “Saviour” is a dark meditation, accented and darkened with chorus chants, superb lead playing courtesy of O’Keefe, and a diabolical vocal delivery of Junghandel. ‘Symphony of Shadows’ is a welcome surprise with its grim lyrical content, chants, doom riffs, and tremendous bass playing. It’s sad to know that Randy’s genius is lost to the music world, but this collection of songs—finished posthumously—is an admirable legacy.”

Temple of Perdition

“Doom when done correctly isn’t a genre that reaches a wide audience for reasons unknown. Maybe it’s more difficult to craft arrangements that are slow building and branch off of simplicity versus attacking your instruments at frantic paces. Randy Palmer will be smiling down upon this record from Bedemon”

Eternal Terror

“BEDEMON’s new offering goes lengths to remind us all of what a good analog-sounding album of doom-inspired hard rock should sound like. The composition of the album as a whole is superb – each and every song is unique in sound…an audible glimpse at what some of metal’s pioneers are doing these days to bring some of the ‘70s hard rock/metal back.”

(review, interview and streaming track):
Axes to Grind

“It took nearly a decade for Symphony Of Shadows to go from the drawing board to the record store shelf…arguably one of most complete and well honed, authentically Sabbathian records of the year.”

The Quietus
(scroll about halfway down)

“Bedemon takes all of the perfect elements of heavy music and successfully combines them into an hour-long doom metal journey with massive riffs, screaming guitar solos, headbanging rockers and perfectly-placed subtle nuances that truly brings out the evil in the music.”

(note: this is from issue #1 of a fantastic 116-page glossy UK print magazine, available for purchase from the link below. In addition to the review, there is a separate interview with Geof O’Keefe.)


“Raw, catchy, pretty kick ass SABBATH-worshipping metal.”

Halifax Collect

“Child Of Darkness”drove the expectations of old and new doom-metal fans to unimagined heights and the popularity of BEDEMON is comparatively larger than ever today. Palmer & co. later prevailed the honor of having written originally to invoked FROST, GROUNDHOGS or STRAY, the today dominant BLACK SABBATH but classic rock bands such as UFO, URIAH HEEP, BLUE CHEER, THE first doom songs on American soil.”Symphony Of Shadows” contains good ideas.”

hooked on music
(review in German)

“70’s elements…old fashioned riffs, at times rather sinister. Pentagram fans must definitely strike, if you like (old fashioned) doom, Black Sabbath or 70s rock, should listen at least.”

(review in German)

“Completed as a tribute to Palmer as it’s a damn fine slab of doom metal, one of those records that could have been released in ’78, ’84, ’98 or today and still sound right in time with the ever rotating circle of doom that brings back the vintage sound over and over again…fans of vintage doom metal should enjoy this very much.”


“These guys clearly worship at the altar of Black Sabbath. Their 2012 album, Symphony of Shadows, successfully captures that old-school Doom sound. It is full of fantastic, fuzzy riffs and the solos are a real highlight…fans of Sabbath, Pentagram and even Trouble should get some solid enjoyment from it.”

The Metal Crypt

“An American reaction to Sabbath…thick, drudging contours of the chords remind me heavily of Tony Iommi, and the piercing, charismatic tone of the vocals is quite similar to lower-range Ozzy Osbourne, but if you’re going to borrow inspiration and aesthetics from anyone, why not the best? They still succeed in creating a tangible sensation of archaic gloom and horror with…an oozy delivery of both the bass and guitars, while the vocals are balanced between eerie melodies and occasional, maniacal narrative characteristics.”

From the Dust Returned

“Symphony Of Shadows” is heavily influenced by the self-titled debut of Black Sabbath, while being far heavier and gloomier overall, has no other intent than to club you over the head with psychedelic proto-doom of the purest and truest kind…anyone who likes earliest Black Sabbath and/or influential proto-doom acts will undoubtedly enjoy this record immensely.”

Masterful Maga’zine

“Recently reformed doom legends Bedemon unleash this new album upon us with quite a splash of blood on the floor. It fucking CRUSHES and KILLS for sure. This is just a top fucking notch album that kicks your fucking head in with a vengeance. Might just be one of the best albums released in 2012!”

“The songs on “Symphony Of Shadows” have the classic dark mood…the real victory of an album with these features…almost sixty minutes without losing energy…a beautiful artistic achievement that we are happy to be finally available to fans. Horns up!”

(review in Italian)