February 2, 2006

After a considerable amount of looking at the factors, twisted mishapen hand-wringing, and general verbal intercourse, we have decided we will not be carrying the BEDEMON CD and regular black vinyl LP for sale. There are a number of factors, among them the difficulty of the financial and logistical aspects (buying and selling) when you have three individuals involved located in different locations and who contributed in varying degrees-or not at all-to the album. It also is rather silly to set up PayPal to sell a few items. The final reason was that quite a few dealers are already carrying it (and their links have been posted in the forum), priced cheaper than we were going to sell it at, and they take PayPal or credit cards. They have complete catalogs of hundreds of items and are already set up to do mail-order.

For those of you who may have been holding out to buy directly from us, thank-you. Seriously. Believe us when we say with no exaggeration that we have gone back-and-forth about this over the past few weeks, but when we looked at the pros and cons, it is much simpler-and more convenient for you, given the payment options-to support the band by purchasing the CD and/or LP from one of the fine dealers.

Here are some links to U.S.-based websites who are carrying the CD (and in some cases the black vinyl LP as well). We will not recommend one over the other and having not ordered from them, can’t vouch for their reliability or speed in processing orders, but all listed have been around awhile serving the heavy metal/doom community. The prices on the CD and LP vary from dealer to dealer, as do the shipping costs, shipping methods and types of payment accepted, and you may have to register to place an order. All of them carry other titles by other artists and you may see something else you want as well.

(note: As of this writing, some of the dealers appear to be sold out-which is really unbelievable!-but should hopefully be re-stocked soon…)

BRAINTICKET: http://www.brainticket.com

STONERROCK.COM: http://www.stonerrock.com

HELLRIDE: http://www.hellridemusic.com

ROCKADROME: http://www.rockadromestore.com

EVILLEGEND: http://www.evillegendrecords.com

RELAPSE: http://shop.relapse.com

Relapse is also currently taking pre-orders on the upcoming PENTAGRAM First Daze Here Too release due out 3/7/06. The 2-CD, twenty-two track collection features studio demos and rehearsal recordings from the legendary warehouse practice location, and of note to BEDEMON fans is the inclusion of three studio tracks with Randy Palmer (“Wheel of Fortune,” “When the Screams Come” and “Under My Thumb”).

We are still planning to carry t-shirts since we will be the only authorized place to get legit merchandise from, and we will be offering a special item in a few days.

Beyond that, Geof and Craig have been getting together on a regular basis to work on the upcoming recording of the vocals for the 2002 reunion sessions which should be taking place within the next few months.

Thanks to all who have posted comments on the various forums. It’s taken a while-a LONG while-but everything is finally on track. Randy would be blown away.

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