Thank You

October 3, 2002

We would like to express our deep thanks to the many people worldwide who have written to us, both on this site’s message board and to us directly by e-mail, expressing their sorrow over Randy’s tragic passing. Randy would be blown away-as we are-to find out so many people cared about him and his music and are saddened by his death.

We are currently in discussions with a number of labels in regards to finally getting the 70s material officially released, and once we have concrete info, it will be here on the News page. Once this is resolved, we will begin the task of finishing up the incredible new material we recorded this past April. We have a vocalist, and it’s only a matter of finding the time within our various schedules to complete the recordings. We appreciate your patience and hope you understand the emotional roller coaster we have been on in the past few months.

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