Macabre Message from the Church of the Bedemon

July 1, 2001


You can access samples of the newly-remixed versions of “Time Bomb” and “Nighttime Killer” right here at, but wait till you hear the real thing! The songs sound awesome. Geof has finished remixing the master tapes for those two songs and is currently working on the 3rd song that will appear on the CD “EP” (Extended Play) Single. Until recently, the song was just referred to as “Geof’s Song” (it appeared on those “bootleg” Bedemon CDs, mislabeled as “God’s Song” and “Goof Song”), but the official title is “Eviscerated.” The lyrics were written and are sung by a musician friend of Geof’s. The vocalist on this one tune will NOT be our replacement for Bobby Liebling, by the way, so don’t start any false rumors, please! We expect to have the tape with the final mix-down in our hands very soon, and when we do, you’ll read about it here first. Once we are satisfied that the recording quality meets our standard, we will release the EP ourselves, and you will be able to order it through the Bedemon website. Watch this space!


The 3 of us–Randy, Mike, and Geof–have been working on new material for a planned album that we hope to see released later this year or early in 2002. This album will also feature some of the older Bedemon tunes which will be recorded on state-of-the-art equipment for the first time. Just think–no more poorly-recorded basement tapes, tape hiss, phasing problems, or lousy mixes! We will definitely re-do “Child of Darkness” and “Touch the Sky,” and depending on available CD space, perhaps one or two more. (You can help us decide which songs to re-record by participating in the poll on this website.) As the song list takes on more solidity, we’ll keep you posted on what’s happening with the album.


Perry Grayson conducted interviews with Mike, Geof, and Randy for a fistful of articles that will soon be appearing in metal magazines all over the world. Here in the U.S., “Metal Maniacs” will be printing a “Rewind” column focusing on Bedemon. As soon as we know which issues of which magazines will be carrying these stories, we’ll publicize them right here.

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