It was exactly one year ago to the day…

April 30, 2003

…April 30th, 2002-that Randy, Mike and Geof recorded the final song for what will be the “new” BEDEMON album, a composition of Geof’s called “Hopeless.” Little did we know that this would also be the final song we would ever play together.

Despite the lack of News updates-and we thank you for your patience and understanding-there have been things going on in regards to both reissuing the old 70s recordings and working on the 2002 sessions. First off, we can now announce that the 70s material will be coming out on Italy’s Black Widow label. Black Widow is a highly-regarded doom metal label and is coincidentally also the label for the current version of PENTAGRAM. We are hopeful to have this out by the end of 2003 and are currently organizing the photos and text to go into the booklet. The material has been cleaned up and mastered as best as could be from the actual master reel-to-reel tapes and problems present on the bootlegs floating around such as out-of-synch vocals and songs at the wrong speed have been corrected (along with a few wrong notes). While obviously nowhere near a proper studio recording, we feel it will present this material in the best version possible. Black Widow is anxious to work with us on this to put out a release Randy would be proud of.

The new material continues to progress as well. Mike is working on some bass parts and the vocalist is rehearsing the songs to get fully familiar with them before we go into the studio to lay down the tracks in a few months. Realistically this won’t come out until 2004-and we don’t have a label for this yet-but we will probably post a few sneak previews once the recording is finished.

Randy’s absence is felt virtually every day and the fact that he won’t get to actually see an official BEDEMON release is tragic, but the best thing we can do is to honor his memory and make him proud. Thanks to everyone for their continued interest in BEDEMON and keep checking back for updates.

Geof O’Keefe
Mike Matthews

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