BEDEMON Will Unleash the Symphony in 2012!!!

January 1, 2012

Bedemon - Symphony of Shadows Cover Teaser

It’s been a long time coming – almost ten years since the original recording sessions in May 2002 – but 2012 will finally see the release of Symphony of Shadows, the first “official” BEDEMON release of new material ever. Consisting of nine original songs and clocking in at just shy of an hour with a number of tracks in the seven-to-ten-minute range, SoS will delight fans of classic vintage metal. Those lucky few who have heard it – and who then mysteriously “disappeared” – have remarked words to the effect of, “This sounds like it came out in the 70s!”.

The exact spring release date is not determined as of yet and the European label will remain undisclosed for the time being, but the contract has been signed and the label has all the liner notes, photos and music.

It has been a ridiculously lengthy and pain-staking process to get this project finished but we are confident this will be one to blow the speakers out to. More details as they become finalized.

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Blondeartiste March 20, 2012 at 6:43 am


Can’t wait for the final “Symphony of Shadows” CD!!! Will I get a personal, autographed one from you since I had the rare privilege of getting a pre-copy? By the way, “Savior” is my favorite piece…your voice is wicked-scary-sexy!!


khushal bhadra June 3, 2012 at 6:20 pm

Hey Geof,

When is the album releasing? Cant wait all exited for the release date of the album. Would love to do a complete review of the album an feature it on my website. My website is dedicated to all doom metal hero’s. In process of remaking my website now.

Regards from India
Khushal Bhadra


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