January 5, 2002

2002 is the year of BEDEMON!

Things are coming together in the haunted BEDEMON camp. We’ve heard some of the vintage BEDEMON material that’s being remastered and cleaned up, and we couldn’t believe our pointed little ears! It will be worth the wait.

On the new recording front, the first part of April is the date when the three BEDEMONS will gather ’round the cauldron and cook up some new doom. The Be-demos are scaring us, they are so good! Among the titles being painfully whipped and bludgeoned into shape: Creeping Unknown…Godless…Exterminator…Dying Every Day…Hopeless…Infected…Savior…and others too frightening to reveal, lest your ears begin bleeding uncontrollably in anticipation.


The excellent Hungarian Psychedelic Fanzine has just unleashed an incredible 194-page issue (#9/10) and included within is a massive 16-page article on BEDEMON and PENTAGRAM, featuring lengthy interviews with Randy, Mike and Geof by Perry Grayson. While some of the material appeared in Grayson’s Metal Maniacs piece a few months back, this is a far more extensive offering with some cool photos. For info on how to obtain a copy: http://www.psychedelicfanzine.de


Pentagram First Daze Here

First Daze Here

Due February 19th on the excellent Relapse label is First Daze Here (The Vintage Collection). This is the first major label, authorized collection of the early PENTAGRAM material. BEDEMON founder Randy Palmer is featured on two tracks (“Livin’ In a Ram’s Head” and “Earth Flight”) and a masterful performance of his song, co-written with Bobby Liebling “Starlady” is included as well. Geof O’Keefe wrote some lengthy liner notes describing the early days and times of the band. This should be available in most shops.

2002? Seems like Doom-Thousand-Doom!

Keep checking in…

The mangled bodies of BEDEMON: Randy – Mike – Geof

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