…Crawling Towards DOOMSday

August 5, 2001

Thanks for all of the kind words, cards, gifts and female fan fotos that have been pouring into the Bedemon offices. Rest assured, the Brotherhood of Bedemon read each and every one. We’re foaming at the mouth over some of the projects we have in the works. The previously-announced Time Bomb EP will now be part of a full-length CD. Watch this space, or one nearby, for details as they ooze forth.

The most exciting news is the recording of an all-new Bedemon album, which
is looking like it’ll happen towards the end of October at Garageland Studios in California. All three members are working on demos of brand new material written especially for this exciting project and discussions are also underway about possibly re-recording a few older classics from both the Bedemon and Pentagram vaults. This will blow away anything Bedemon recorded in the past, simply because this will actually be the first professionally-recorded multi-track recording we’ve done. We know what the fans want, and we will deliver the goods! Bedemon? BeDOOMon!!!

Rest in pieces…

BEDEMON: Randy/Mike/Geof

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