August 15, 2001

Metal Maniacs Pentagram ArticleNot one but TWO articles are currently out now, detailing the histories of both PENTAGRAM and offshoot BEDEMON. Both pieces were written by longtime fan (and former Destiny’s End guitarist) Perry Grayson and have substantially different quotes and info from each other (so you’ll just have to get both!).

The November issue of Metal Maniacs (on sale now) features a whopping SIX DOOM-DRENCHED PAGES along with numerous photos and candid comments about the rise and fall of the original PENTAGRAM, the revived later versions and of course, the subject of this site, BEDEMON. You can find Metal Maniacs at any well-stocked newsstand and chain CD/book place like Tower Records, Borders Books and so on. Even some grocery and drug store magazine racks have it. It’s also available in Europe. If you can’t find it, try their website:¬†

Snap Pop! Pentagram ArticleAlso available is the July/August issue of the free music newspaper Snap Pop! which is distributed mainly in the D.C. area but also in other cities on the east coast. Excellent 1-&- 1/4 page article and a full page of photos. You can order copies for $3 by contacting Snap Pop! at:

Snap Pop!
World Headquarters
P.O. 2812
Sterling, VA 20167-2812

Fans outside of the U.S. write to them for prices – attention: Gina

Thanks from Randy, Mike and Geof to Perry Grayson for an excellent job in presenting the most accurate telling of the early PENTAGRAM/BEDEMON era.

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