May 22, 2008

…or, at least, it’s undead. Is that the same as alive? It’s tough keeping track of that whole ‘zombie/re-animation/resurrection’ thing…

So, here’s the deal: work has continued to progress on the 2002 sessions, despite the inexcusable lack of News updates here in about a year-and-a-half (although if you check in to the Forum, you’ll find your specific questions usually commented on fairly quickly which should let you know we’re still stirring up the cauldron o’ doom). We are also going to post a detailed account of what transpired during 2007 and the first half of 2008. There is a LOT of news; getting it organized and coherent is the task at claw.

So thanks for checking back. Trust us, we’re undying for you to finally hear the material. The few lucky people given a sneak peek-before being dragged from the room, beaten sensibly and then very slowly dismembered a limb at a time-said they absolutely loved the new stuff. Later, these same people said, “Argggggh! No! No! Please…don’t…why?!! Oh god, please, not my arms…,” and then the rest is unintelligible due to the combined volume of the buzz-saw and random shrieking and screams.

So, stay de-tuned (although, ironically, BEDEMON recorded in proper tuning)…

Geof, Mike, Craig and the ever-present spirit of Randy

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