May 16, 2016

It is absolutely insane that a full year has passed since a special for-the-gig lineup of BEDEMON took the stage in Santa Ana at Psycho California on Friday, May 15th, 2015. It truly seems like it was a few months ago. It was an emotional and memorable event for many, many reasons, and one day Geof O’Keefe’s BEDEMON: The Road To Psycho will be posted on the site for all to read, detailing the drama and trauma of the five months leading up to the gig and reflecting on the year that has followed.

I the meantime, given this weekend being the one year anniversary of that event, Geof would like to say: “To the musicians who played that special gig (Greg Mayne, Wino and Frank Hayes), to the two members who, due to work conflicts unfortunately couldn’t be there (Mike Matthews and Craig Junghandel) and the person who was able to book us that so far one-and-only show (Pellet), thank-you for everything all of you contributed. And of course, to the late, great Randy Palmer, who started the BEDEMON wheel rolling and finally got the long-overdue honor of having many of his songs performed live.

Finally, to the fans: those of you who were fortunate enough to be there got to witness a truly special event, and those of you who weren’t can see it on YouTube. And to the ones who approached me with both huge smiles on their faces and in some cases, tears in their eyes, saying it was the best set of the weekend, the main reason they came to the show and asking to please play more shows, I can only say thank-you; your words touched me more than you will ever realize. We would absolutely like to do more shows, but the logistics starting with who would be in the lineup and then the travel and hotel expenses of getting them together just to rehearse make it a daunting prospect when we have no new album to promote nor any label deal, and not currently having anyone in our corner to try and get us any gigs doesn’t help. I wish there was a more optimistic outlook, but that’s the reality. If there’s any news it’ll be here and on the band’s site.


Remembering Randy

August 8, 2015

photo by Geof O'Keefe

photo by Geof O’Keefe

“I closed my eyes, let everything die, I walked through Heaven and touched the sky.”

(from the song, “Touch the Sky” by Randy Palmer)

To the memory of Randy, who passed away thirteen years ago today, August 8th, 2002. Never forgotten, always missed.

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Thief, the company that put on the Psycho California music festival at which BEDEMON performed for the very first time has put together a brief video wrap-up of the whole event. If you watch carefully, you can see four or five quick flashes of Geof, Greg and Wino, and one whole-band stage shot. Don’t think Frank Hayes made it into the clip, but it’s only 2:07 long, and there were over fifty bands playing during the three-day festival May 15-17. Check the clip out:

And coming soon, exclusively to this site, Geof O’Keefe’s Road To Psycho, an exhaustive and detailed accounting of the five months of drama, trauma, turmoil, stresses and successes that led up to the May 15th debut performance. Check back to see when the piece is posted!


Below are some links to reviews of Day One at the Psycho California festival, May 15, 2015. Scroll down to read the sections regarding BEDEMON’s performance:





Here is the full set from Bedemon’s first-ever live performance – recorded May 15th, 2015 in Santa Ana, CA at Psycho California. Also below it are three of the songs from the set shot from different locations in the hall:

This special line-up includes:

Vocals: Wino | Guitar: Geof O’Keefe | Bass: Greg Mayne | Drums: Frank Hayes


Time Bomb:

Into the Grave (excerpt):


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